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I'm trying to read the content of a text file which can contain umlauts and stuff like this. I already red the stuff about unicode in Erlang but I still can't figure out how to read the file properly. Here is my code for reading the file:

reader (File) -> case io:get_line(File,'') of eof -> []; {error, Reason} -> Reason; Line -> [Line] ++ reader(File) end.

But in the end my result is: ü when reading an ü

How must I convert Line to get the expected result?

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The file looks like it's encoded in utf-8, but Erlang read it in latin1.

Specify encoding when getting the handle:

file:open(Fname, [read, {encoding,utf8}])

The syntax might be off, I copy pasted it from the manual.

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thanks working as I want :) – soupdiver Dec 11 '12 at 14:29

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