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Should I approach the exception handling in the same manner as .Net?

Then, how can I re-throw an exception from catch block in Powershell?

'throw' is enoungh or 'throw $_' would be better?

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throw keyword at PowerShell behaves differently then .net implementation: in .net you can only throw System.Exceptions itself or its successors, but in PowerShell, you can throw anything and that is automatically wrapped up into a System.Management.Automation.RuntimeException. See snippet here.

If you like to re-throw original exception you could use throw (most common), or throw $_, or throw $_.Exception

ps: inside catch variable $_ is not exception by itself, but System.Management.Automation.ErrorRecord that contains Exception

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Note: In C#, the throw form keeps the original exception's context (source location), but unfortunately this does not appear to be the case in PowerShell. – brianary Nov 14 '13 at 18:05

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