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I've got a function that takes in a parameter to animate it. I would like to call back this function with a different parameter in it after the previous one has finished. So far I have this, the animation works but it doesn't do it one after the other:

var thisis = document.getElementById("thisis");
var txt1 = document.getElementById("txt1");
var txt2 = document.getElementById("txt2");
var txt3 = document.getElementById("txt3");
var txt4 = document.getElementById("txt4");
var txt5 = document.getElementById("txt5");

$("#thisis").fadeIn(400, function(){
                    animetxt(txt1, function() {
                        animetxt(txt2, function(){
                            animetxt(txt3, function(){
                                animetxt(txt4, function(){

function animetxt(o){ //.css and .animate on the parameter// }

Your help would be most appreciated :)

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Your animetxt function does not have a parameter for the callback function that you are passing to it. Perhaps:

function animetxt(o, f) {
   o.animate({/* css */}, f);
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