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I'm trying to increase the size of the LaTeX equations that are output by Pandoc using the Google Charts API through using the following command in Terminal:

pandoc -s --webtex=,s,FFFFFF00&chl= --self-contained test.Rmd -o test.html

However, there is no change to the output of the LaTeX code (it doesn't increase in size), in fact when I look at the rendered html file segment (where $\frac{1}{x}$ was) the image source tag I see is:

<img style="vertical-align:middle" src="" alt="\frac{1}{x}" title="\frac{1}{x}" />

Where am I using the --webtex[=URL] incorrectly?

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I found that on the command line all I had to do was escape the & (ampersand) symbols. So to get this to work all I had to do was this:

pandoc -s --webtex=\&chs=500\&chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00\&chl= --self-contained test.Rmd -o test.html

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