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I am using fullcalendar in conjunction with qtip for an events based site (php), and I have it working pretty well.

I am struggling a bit with a change I want to make.

In my record set I am retrieving a location - which is free text from an html editor.

This is fine with basic text and I am adding slashes to escape apostrophes in any text etc.

However, if there is a line break in the text, the page will not render, and when debugging the js I get error unexpected token ILLEGAL

I have tried strip_tags function, which seems to remove the offending
tags, but the page still will not render, As soon as I remove the br tag, it works ok.

I am building up a string from my record set and displaying it as follows...

    <?php $eventlist = "";?>
    <?php do { ?>
    <?php $eventlist = $eventlist."{title:    '".addslashes($row_rsevents['EventName'])."', start: '". $row_rsevents['EventDate']."', starttime: '". $row_rsevents['StartTime']."', endtime: '". $row_rsevents['EndTime']."', dateF: '". $row_rsevents['EventDateF']."', className: '". $row_rsevents['CSSTag']."', host: '".addslashes($row_rsevents['HostDescription'])."', eventtype: '". $row_rsevents['EventTypeDescription']."', url: '"."event_detail.php?EventID=". $row_rsevents['EventID']."', description: '". addslashes(strip_tags($row_rsevents['Location']))."'},"; ?>
    <?php } while ($row_rsevents = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsevents)); ?>
    <?php $eventlist = rtrim($eventlist,',');//remove the trainling comma ?>

    ...events: [
    <?php echo $eventlist; ?>
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Hard to tell how your final json-encoded array looks like, but you don't need to do the encoding by hand; just build your event array (as you do in your fetch loop) and then echo json_encode($evarray) which should take care of whatever chars you put in title, description, etc.

You can also add custom properties ev.line1, ev.line2 and respond to eventRender(ev, elt...) replacing the event title, like so: elt.find(".fc-event-title").html(ev.line1+"<br/>"+ev.line2);, if you wanted the br there.

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