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I'm trying to do a Dynamic LINQ like in the ScotGu's blog

var select = db.San_Imovel.Where("Imovel_Id = @0", 123).Select("new(Imovel_Id)");

but I get the error

the best overloaded method match for '.Where(string, System.Data.Objects.OBjectsParameter[])' has some invalid arguments

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Are you using .net 3.5?

Note that only 3.5+ supports that syntax.

Use String.Format:

var select = db.San_Imovel.Where(String.Format("Imovel_Id = {0}", 123)).Select("new(Imovel_Id)");
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What is that 123 for? In order for this to compile, it will probably need to look like one of these:

var select = db.San_Imovel.Where("Imovel_Id = @0").Select("new(Imovel_Id)");


var select = db.San_Imovel.Where("Imovel_Id = @0 AND SomethingElse = 123").Select("new(Imovel_Id)");
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But I need pass the value of Imovel_Id. @0 is like a parameter and then I tell that @0 is 123. – Lucas_Santos Dec 11 '12 at 13:39

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