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How do I get the latest record when fetching records?

for example:

  • first iteration i save "Singapore" with object name Country,
  • second iteration i save "USA" with object name Country,second

Now when i fetch it

SomeDatabase *Country = [SomeDatabase MR_findFirst];

NSLog(@"Country Name---->%@",Country.Name); 

I get "Singapore",

I want get the last record inserted to coredata, which is supposed to be "USA".

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ASAIK, Core Data doesn't maintain an order of which object was added last. So I guess you're out of luck here, unless your store the creation date in a dedicated field. –  MrMage Dec 11 '12 at 13:48

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The most straight forward way is to add a "createdDate" or similar date field to your entity. Then you can simply use the query:

[MyEntity MR_findFirstOrderedByAttribute:@"createdDate" ascending:NO];
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