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I'm using PHP 5 / mySQL 5 / CodeIgniter, and I have a system that builds an SQL query via a series of filters. Among these is the option to do a LIKE - e.g. company name contains ACS. This would generate the SQL "company_name LIKE '%acs%'".

This SQL, along with the filter specification that created it, is stored in a logging table - but here's the problem. If the LIKE search coincides with the URL encoded HTML entity (as in this case - %AC - the generated query is not saved, and neither is the filter. The SQL query is supposed to be stored in a database field but it cuts off at the point this LIKE comes in:

SELECT blah FROM blah, blah, blah WHERE <other filters> AND company_name LIKE '

If the %wildcard% doesn't coincidentally start with a Unicode sequence it saves OK and goes into the query OK.

How do I resolve my DB inserts / escape these sequences so that they will store properly?

EDIT: Via forced urlencode() in PHP, the filters will now store correctly. I then have to urldecode them to get them back in their original format for editing. Not pretty, but it works.

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Have you tried escaping the % (\%)? –  RonaldBarzell Dec 11 '12 at 13:44
Yes - they then get STORED in the database as \% thanks, I think, to the automatic escaping CI's Active Record class is doing. Unfortunately, the percent is still seen as the start of an escape sequence and the query still doesn't work. –  MikkyX Dec 11 '12 at 13:49
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