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Dear Colleagues,

I have a problem with displaying reports which are generated by VisualStudio2010. I have prepered all reports and they works fine but when i try to generate reports from another computer then I receive error: "string is excepted here" I am very dissapointed because some copupters display raports properly but not all and I do not know why :(. Anyway, i have checked formula which causes this error. It looks like:

"if ({parametry_extra.prx_konta_wirtualne}) <> true then {faktura_vat.nkn_nazwa_banku}&" nr "&{faktura_vat.nkn_nr_konta} else {faktura_vat.nkn_nazwa_banku}&" nr "&{faktura_vat.konto1}&" "&{faktura_vat.konto2}"

Above formule is correct but why it doesnot work on diffrents computers? I suppose that some computers try to thread boolean value as string("true"/"false"), bool (true/false) or int (1/0)?

Do You know how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks in advance for help.

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I found solution. The problem was in data sources. In "Advanced options" in panel "DataTypeOptions" I disabled value "Bools as Char" and now it works propelry.

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