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I have vector of string

DateTime=[' 29.11.2012 19:37; ' 28.11.2012 19:38'; ....];

How can I separete it into yeras, months,days, hours, minutes.

I tried datevec but i am getting false results.


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What do you mean you are getting false results ? Show us your code. – High Performance Mark Dec 11 '12 at 15:06
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Everything seems to work fine for me. Note that you'll have to supply the dates as a cell array of strings, and that you have to specify the proper format for datevec:

DateTime={' 29.11.2012 19:37'; ' 28.11.2012 19:38'};
datevec(DateTime,' HH:MM')
ans =
        2012          11          29          19          37           0
        2012          11          28          19          38           0
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