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I am new to java and I keep getting this error message:

No enclosing instance of type Managesalary is accessible. Must qualify the allocation with an enclosing instance of type Managesalary (e.g. A() where x is an instance of Managesalary). on line *

public class Managesalary
    public static void main(String[] args)

        System.out.println("MY SALARY REVIEW");

    *   Salary Jan= new Salary();
        Jan.Month= "JANUARY";
        Jan.HoursWorked= 12;
        Jan.PerHourRate= 10;
        Jan.TaxRate= 0.10;


        Salary Month2= new Salary();
        Month2.Month= "FEBUARY";
        Month2.PerHourRate= 10;
        Month2.TaxRate= 0.10;


class Salary
    String Month = "";
    int HoursWorked= 0;
    int PerHourRate= 0;
    double TaxRate= 0.10;
    int MonthlySalary= (HoursWorked*PerHourRate);

    public void printSalaryDetails(){
        System.out.println("MONTH OF = " +Month);
        System.out.println("PER HOUR RATE = " +PerHourRate);
        System.out.println("TAX RATE =   " +TaxRate);
        System.out.println("TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME = " +MonthlySalary);
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Possible duplicate of Java - No enclosing instance of type Foo is accessible – Raedwald Mar 2 at 22:41

The error sais that you have to create a inner class by referencing an instance of the enclosing class.

ManageSalary mn = new Managesalary()
Salary salary = Salary();
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Either copy your class Salary in a separate file name and make it public, put it outside of you main class preferably above it, or declare it static.

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Inner classes need an existing reference to the outer class. Without an instance of Managesalary it won't be possible to instantiate Salary. You can achieve this by doing:

Managesalary mSalary = new Managesalary();
Salary Jan= Salary();
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You have defined the Salary class as an inner class of Managesalary (although your code indentation hides this a bit).

Thus, each instance of Salary must be bound to an instance of Managesalary.

In your main method, create an instance of Managesalary (e.g. ManageSalary ms = new ManageSalary()) and initialize your inner class object as Salary().

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