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I'm trying to publish one of the output dll's to multiple artifact directories. But it seems, that teamcity is publishing that dll only to the last directory.

I would like to have something like this:

MyTool\MyTool.dll =>  MyZip.zip!/MyTool1/
MyTool\MyTool.dll =>  MyZip.zip!/MyTool2/

And on output:


But TeamCity returns me only last line:


Does anyone know how to publish one dll from builds output to multiple artifacts directories?

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I spent some time looking for a workaround. It seems like the zip file is the sticking point. If it doesn't need to be zipped, then the following works fine:

MyTool\MyTool.dll =>  MyTool/MyTool1/
MyTool\MyTool.dll =>  MyTool/MyTool2/

Another option is to create a build step that moves the DLLs into the folder structure that you want, and then save that folder as the zipped artifact.

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Great, thanks! Also works something like this: MyTool\MyTool.dll => MyTool/MyTool1.zip MyTool\MyTool.dll => MyTool/MyTool2.zip –  dzima Dec 11 '12 at 16:51

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