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I have a binary search tree which stores objects. For inserting objects to it I am using Int value as a key. I get that value by calling method form the object like this:

public class Tree
    // The root node of the tree which is null;
    private Node root;
    private double largest;

    private Node insert (Node tree, Element d)
        if (tree == null)  return new Node(d);
        else if (d.getPlaceInTable() < tree.data.getPlaceInTable()) tree.left = insert (tree.left, d);
        else if (d.getPlaceInTable() > tree.data.getPlaceInTable()) tree.right = insert (tree.right, d);

    return tree;


    public void insert (Element d)
    root = insert (root, d);

But what if I want to use Elements name as a key value which is string? How can I do it? Should I use compareTo() method? I know how to compare string1.compareTo(string2) but I really don' have any idea how I can use it in this case. If you have any suggestions, I really appreciate that.

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yes, String implements Comparable, so you can do d.getName().compareTo(tree.data.getName()) > 0 –  hoaz Dec 11 '12 at 15:38
thank you for your help, it worked just as I supposed. –  user1848495 Dec 11 '12 at 15:45
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Yes, String implements Comparable, so you can do

d.getName().compareTo(tree.data.getName()) < 0 for the left node and d.getName().compareTo(tree.data.getName()) >= 0 for the right node

Also note, that in your original code you do not insert anything in your tree when values are equal.

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Yes, I know that, I am ignoring equal values, because I am storing elements from periodic table, which are not equal to each other. –  user1848495 Dec 11 '12 at 16:17
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