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I got one column (latlon) which is a ST_MultiPolygon.

The other geometry is a point which i just want to check if its inside one of my MultiPolygons.

Why is this query always returning false? Cant i check if a point is within a multipolygon with ST_Contains?

SELECT ST_CONTAINS(latlon, ST_GeometryFromText('POINT(48.208417 16.372472)')  FROM districts
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it worked like this:

SELECT name, st_contains(latlon, ST_GeomFromText('POINT(16.391944 48.218056)', 4326))  FROM bezirks
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Also, you can use a sub query to specify the B geometry. SELECT name,ST_Contains(latLon,(SELECT geom FROM b WHERE id = 3)) FROM bezirks –  DirtyBirdNJ Aug 28 '13 at 20:17

The st_contains works with multi geometries. You must ensure that the point is on the same coordinate system of polygon geometry.

Also you must know that if the point falls into boundary of your multipolygon it will not be considered contained. In this case it will return false since no point inside of polygon geometry.

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