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Here is a JSFiddle for ease:

I have a lot going on, but my main concern is why the $("#content").append(); is not changing anything on my page.

Specifically this function should adjust and change the content dynamically:

function findpost(timestamp, blog){
    var length = blog.length;
    for(var e=0; e<length; e++){
        var type = blog[e+1];
        if(timestamp === blog[e]){
            if(type === 0){
                    <div id='post' class='photo'>\
                    <img src='"+blog[e+2]+"' width='400px'/>\
            } else if(type === 1){
            } else if(type === 2){
                    <div id='post' class='link' />\
                    "+blog[e+2]+" "+blog[e+3]+"\
            } else if(type === 3){
            } else if(type === 4){
            } else {
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In the loop you're calling findpost in you're first .empty()ing the #content div. This is pretty wasteful, and after some iterations the blog variable is empty, so findpost doesn't do anything. As a result you only see the last number and not any <div id='post'> elements. Why are you emptying the div each iteration? – pimvdb Dec 11 '12 at 15:45
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You are clearing the $('#content') everytime in the for loop

Check out this updated fiddle

In the .done()

This is what you need to change:


for(var e=0;e<length;e++){
    $("#content").append( e +"<br>");

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Bahah! You're so right. Thanks so much! I guess it takes a second eye sometime to see something so plain! – tbremer Dec 11 '12 at 15:47
i am glad it helped. – karthikr Dec 11 '12 at 15:50

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