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I am using jQuery to bind event listeners to Flowplayer 5.2 videos, as follows:

$(document).ready(function() {

    $(".flowplayer").each (function() {
        console.log("Got a flowplayer: " + $(this));
        $(this).bind("ready", function(event, api) {
            console.log("Flowplayer ready");
        }).bind("pause", function(event, api) {
            console.log("Flowplayer pause");
            var time = {?}.getTime();
            console.log("Time: " + time);

I'd like to get the current time/duration of the video when events such as pause occur. What should the ${?} in the code above be replaced with?

I've tried replacing the {$} in the code above with $(this), $(this).getClip(), $f(0), and $f() and none of those worked. I'm wondering if I can get it off of the event or api parameters in the callback function, but I figured I'd ask instead of randomly trying to access parameters that don't exist.

I've been digging through all of the Flowplayer documentation I can find, but I haven't seen how to do this from a bound event handler (unless you're using a custom configuration and binding the events at config time as shown here).


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var time = api.video.time


console.debug(api.video) helped me find it ...

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