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Please have a look here: www.blokeswhobake.co.nz - sifr works great, except it does not want to work with internet explorer. I have had the same problems on a number of sites. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help

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Works in IE8 for me – Jonas H Sep 9 '09 at 10:43

I found a solution to my sifr in IE problem here.


$.sifr({ path: 'resources/', save: true }); $('.header').sifr({ font: 'journal', height: '47', verticalAlign: 'middle'});

The problem was I had a comma after true in the first section of code up there. IE does not like a comma directly before }); Firefox and Chrome are fine with it, but IE is not.

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I works with IE V6 for me. What version of IE and Flash do you have installed?

Maybe you don't have Flash 6 or higher installed for IE?

Also here's what Mike Davidson's site has to say about support: "sIFR works on Mac, Windows, and Linux machines with javascript turned on and Flash 6 or greater. As far as browser support goes, it’s great on all the majors and even some of the minors: PC IE 5+, Safari, Firefox, Opera 7+, Omniweb, and even Konqueror. We estimate this covers over 90% of consumer-grade machines in the world."

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Sometimes the Flash install is slightly broken and sIFR can't detect it. Uninstalling Flash (follow Adobe's guidelines) and reinstalling it should fix it.

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