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I have the current installations of WSO2 ESB and WSO2 Registry (both 4.5.0).

Registry sharing is made exactly by the step by step instruction

Then the usecase is the following:

1) add a zip containing WSDL/Schemas to the Governance Registry. Added them I case see in the registry bowser:


With all WSDL/Schemas/Endpoints/Services relevand to the just added WSDL package.

2) start WSO2 ESB ithe the following registry configuration:

<dbConfig name="wso2registry_mounted">

<remoteInstance url="https:localhost:9445/registry">

<mount overwrite="true" path="/_system/config">

<mount overwrite="true" path="/_system/governance">

3) Check registry browser both on ESB and Governance Registry. At least schemas folder content is gone overwritten by ESB.

Could anyone advise on how can I force ESB not to overwrite initial Registry entries. Marking mounted registry as readOnly=true - doesn't help.

Thanks, Vladimir.

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Please use <mount overwrite="false" not to be overwritten the content

Refer this document for more details

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Thanks, that helped to solve 75% of the problem. I realised that messed up mounting direction. Also I'd suggest that the default registry folder needs to be set to something other than /trynk/* as it's gets overwritten anyway. So I changed it to /repository/* and resources are not overwritten after that change. – Vladimir Klevko Dec 12 '12 at 11:25

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