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I've made a Twig Extension with some filters and need to call a function with the argument being another function or a filter but it does not output correctly, the argument gets outputed outside of the function call.

for instance:

        {% set clean_url = current_url|NoQuery %}
        {{ BeginPostForm(clean_url) }}


    {{ BeginPostForm(URL()) }}            

this outputs first the function argument and then the function output as if the default argument was passed. ( ie : /blog/welcome instead of &ltform action='/blog/welcome'&gt )

Thanks in advance.

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Usually in php when passing a function to a function you do something like this: BeginPostForm('URL') if BeginPostForm's deceleration is BeginPostForm($link). Then in BeginPostForm you can call $link(); – Luke Dec 11 '12 at 17:40
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I found the error, I was doing echo instead of return on my Twig_Extension functions, that's why it was behaving badly.

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