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I want to get two dates from a calendar. matlab functio is

c = calendar


dates = calendar; 
dates(~any(dates,2),:) = []; 
fh = figure; 
uh = uitable('parent',fh,'data',dates,'ColumnWidth',repmat({20},1,7),...

but how to get these two dates clicked by user.

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Create a callback function:

function cell_select_callback(h, ind)
    dates = get(h, 'data');
    d = dates(ind.Indices(1), ind.Indices(2));
    if d == 0
    dn = datenum(2012, 12, d); % you have to have year & month here
    fprintf('cell_select_callback(): click at [%d %d] on %s\n', ind.Indices(1), ind.Indices(2), datestr(dn));

and add into uitable() arguments: uitable(..., 'CellSelectionCallback', @cell_select_callback).

When pressed, cell_select_callback will print the coordinates of the click and the date, for example: cell_select_callback(): click at [2 3] on 04-Dec-2012

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