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I created the following Alias in httpd.conf:

alias /aliasedfolder /some/location/on/the/server/folder
<Location /aliasedfolder>
  AddHandler cgi-script .pl
  Options +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all
  AllowOverride None

The problem is that i can view images within "aliasedfolder" but i am getting a "file does not exist" error when i run a perl script there, e.g. /aliasedfolder/script.pl. The physical perl script exist in "/some/location/on/the/server/folder". I made sure the script has 755 permission.

Below is the contents of the perl script:

use CGI qw/:standard/;
print "Content-type:text/html;\n\n";
print "Hello world";

What seems to be the problem? Thanks

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You checked the script's permission, but you didn't mention anything about the chain of directories its in. The as which apache runs needs to be able to access the directory in which the script resides. Don't know if that's the problem or not. –  ikegami Dec 11 '12 at 16:54
/some/location/on/the/server/folder/script.pl –  Haydar Al-Rikabi Dec 11 '12 at 21:14
What ikegami means is that you need to check that the Apache user needs to have permission to read all of the directories in the path. Can the Apache reader access /some, /some/location, /some/location/on, etc... –  Dave Cross Dec 12 '12 at 10:49
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After checking the ownership of /some/location/on/the/server/folder, I found out that the owner is the "root" username, whileas I was trying to access the folder through an account (domain name) on Apache that has a different username, e.g. domain.com/aliasedfolder/script.pl

The suexec mechanism is preventing this as a security feature. So, I changed the ownership of the /some/location/on/the/server/folder and the script.pl file inside it from "root" to my account's username and group, and it is working now.

This will prevent other domains pointing to my server from accessing this file (script.pl), as suexec prevents a single file to be shared by multiple domains (which have different usernames).

I can disable the suexec mechanism altogether, but I was advised not to do so due to security concerns.

Thanks for all who tried to help.

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