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I've been trying many different variations and starting to get really confused between the JavaScript Lint and JSLint suggested parameters.

All I want to do, is ignore code in the "linting" process between a 'start' and 'end' block. Something like:

/*jslint ignore start */
var initializing = false,
    fnTest = /xyz/.test(function(){xyz;}) ? /\b_super\b/ : /.*/;
/*jslint ignore end */

But this unfortunately triggers this JSLint error in the Notepad++ console:

Unexpected 'ignore'.

What's the proper way of writing the ignore code block for the JSLint plugin in Notepad++?

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There is no ignore syntax like you suggest, but what you can do is to modify individual jslint settings on a temporary basis.

For example:

/*jslint sloppy:true*/
/*jslint sloppy:false*/
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