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I'm busy with a PHP project that has to work in different languages, so I made a system with strings that are read from files, but when I want to read a file like this:

Username/ \n password wrong

It shows the \n instead of escaping it to a newline. How can I let PHP do this?

Thans already, DirkWillem

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Can you show the code that prints that out? –  dmikester1 Dec 11 '12 at 16:11

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consider using a suitable storage format instead of something you created yourself. base64_encode(), or json_encode() would be good candidates.

But, to address your immediate problem, just use str_replace()

$new = str_replace('\n', "\n", $str);
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That's probably because you have encapsulated the string in single quotes '. You have to encapsulate the string in double quotes " in order to make \n work.



Note that i'm using the function nl2br to replace the \n to <br /> when displaying on web pages. But you can see that in the first string the \n is simply printed as a string, but the \n does get parsed in the second string.

This is because PHP sees \n as some sort of variable. And variables only work in strings with double quotes.

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He said its read from a file, implying not executed as php code, making quotes irrelevant. –  goat Dec 11 '12 at 16:35

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