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I have a timestamp in the database. With the following code I can format it to the right date:

    $date1 = date("Y/m/d", $datefrom);

Then I give the input vield the value="$date1.

Now I have another field for the H:i, so I'd like to have them seperate from each other.

Can can I cut the Y/m/d of the $date1 and only return the H:i?

Was trying doing things like this: $datetest = date("H:i", $datefrom); but no success.

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$datetest = date("H:i", $datefrom); should work, is your $datefrom variable a unix time ? – Aurélien Grimpard Dec 11 '12 at 16:26

$datefrom will need to be a UNIX timestamp. strtotime() can be useful for generating one off a plain-text or MySQL-style date string.

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There is no need to escape the string after it was returned from the DB.


$date = date("Y/m/d", strtotime($record['projectdatefrom']));
$time = date("H:i", strtotime($record['projectdatefrom']));

Or using DateTime:

$dt = new DateTime($record['projectdatefrom']);
$date = $dt->format('Y/m/d');
$time = $dt->format('H:i');
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