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I frequently perform repetitive tasks within a certain closed source application, and would like to automate these tasks.

The main task is very simple, however involves a few conditions (selecting a certain category from a pane on the left most panel of the software). Is this possible, and what would be the best software to do it?

I already have code written in Java which could feed it the categories it must select in sequence...

Thank you!

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It depends on several factors, including your platform.

Different platforms have their own scripting solutions, and looking there is always a good start.

Outside of that, TCL is used for "application glue", although this may not be exactly what you want.

Look up "Screen Scraping", as this sounds like a close fit for what you are trying. There are certain applications (like Monarch) which were designed for this.

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I'm very sorry, this question completely slipped my mind. For the record, I investigated scripting, and ended up using Auto-IT (which I HIGHLY recommend!) –  araisbec Mar 10 '13 at 18:53

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