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We are trying to get the tcp flow control in the playframework to automatically passthrough so a backed up client just passes the backup downstream through our server using no resources on our server. To do this though, we need a WriteCallback so we know when we write a chunk using netty, we are told when the chunk is actually written. If it is not written, the callback is not called which takes up a little memory but we don't read any more requests anyways until the write has occurred.

So in playframework, I see this being called on the Netty ChunkedWriteHandler


What we really need is to pass it a callback so we know when the write is finished. Is there any other method or any way to achieve this easily? Perhaps, I can fork netty for the time being and add a callback somehow though this looks very complex. Any ideas very welcome.

thanks, Dean

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I don't know the playframework very well, but in netty you get a ChannelFuture returned when calling write(..). You can then add a ChannelFutureListener to the ChannelFuture to get notified once the write completes.

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