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I've checked other answers but can't seem to do the following. Please help someone :)

I want to remove everything in between and including specific html comments


Some HTML that must stay
some html that must go
<!-- END IF USER_ID -->
Some more HTML that's gotta stay
this also needs to go
<!-- END IF USER_ID -->

So everything in between <!-- START IF USER_ID --> and <!-- END IF USER_ID --> and the comments itself needs to go

My preg_replace pattern (which is obviously wrong):

"/<!-- START IF USER_ID -->.*?<!-- END IF USER_ID -->/"

Result should be

Some HTML that must stay
Some more HTML that's gotta stay

Thanks for checking and for the answers in advance :)

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maybe it can help adminhelpline.com/en/free-scripts/php/string/… –  mlwacosmos Dec 11 '12 at 16:39
@mlwacosmos Thanks man. Would have accepted yours as the answer. +1 –  Onimusha Dec 11 '12 at 16:44

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Thanks @mlwacosmos - Using the link you provided.

Achieved with:

$startPoint = '<!-- START IF USER_ID -->';
$endPoint = '<!-- END IF USER_ID -->';
$result = preg_replace('#('.preg_quote($startPoint).')(.*)('.preg_quote($endPoint).')#si', '', $html);
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That regex looks fine. Use an m modifier to make the dot match newlines:

"/<!-- START IF USER_ID -->.*?<!-- END IF USER_ID -->/m"

Alternatively, you could use [\s\S] as a substitute:

"/<!-- START IF USER_ID -->[\s\S]*?<!-- END IF USER_ID -->/"
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Thanks. /m didn't work but [\s\S] worked like a charm :) –  Onimusha Dec 11 '12 at 16:50

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