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I have a user control which contains a StackPanel and TreeView. All controls have the Height="Auto" When I use the Cusotm control on a window and set Height, say Height=800 The STack Panel grows to this height, But the TreeView does not auto heigh adjust.


<UserControl x:Class="WPFDataBinding.ucCompanyTreeView"
    Height="200" Width="300" Loaded="UserControl_Loaded">
    <TextBlock Background="#505050" Foreground="Gold">Companys</TextBlock>
    <TreeView Name="myTreeView" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource DetailTemplate}">


<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
    <local:ucCompanyTreeView Width="400" Height="600">

The height of the stackpanel inside the usercontrol grows, but the Tree view does not. I have tried placing the tree view in a grid, same Setting Height="Auto" everywhere, same Setting VerticalAlignment="Strech" everywhere, same

The Treeview was data bound, so I thought it was auto sizing after the data was bound, but removing this data binding same results.

I can do it through sizing events.... but I have had this issue before and just want to understand the logic behind heigh inheritance of "some" controls.


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If you were to replace the StackPanel in the User Control with a DockPanel, the TreeView would fill the DockPanel by default...

    <TextBlock DockPanel.Dock="Top" Background="#505050" Foreground="Gold">Companys</TextBlock>
    <TreeView Name="myTreeView" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource DetailTemplate}">

How to: Choose Between StackPanel and DockPanel

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