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How can i store all the records of a column in a CDaoRecordSet? I've tried this, but will only return the first record of that column:

rs.Open(dbOpenSnapshot, "SELECT Numar_inmatriculare FROM Masini");
short nFields = rs.GetFieldCount();//returns 1

If i make a "SELECT count(*) AS Numar_inmatriculare FROM Masini" and use rs.GetFieldValue(0) it returns me 13, the correct number of records.

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Show the other code where you are determining that you only got one row. The RecordSet object only exposes one row at a time, you must call Move or a Find... function to advance to the next row. –  Mark Taylor Dec 11 '12 at 17:26

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GetFieldCount returns the number of columns in your resultset.

To iterate through the records (=rows), you have to call MoveNext until IsEOF() returns true.

rs.Open(dbOpenSnapshot, "SELECT Numar_inmatriculare FROM Masini");

    // do something
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nice! thank you! –  MRM Dec 12 '12 at 12:24

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