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I'm now writing a Corba project to do file transfering between client and server. But I face trouble when I want to upload file from the client to the server.

The IDL I defined is:

interface SecretMessage
    string send_file(in string file_name, in string file_obj);

And I implemented the uploading function in the client code:

f = open('SB.docx', 'rb')
data = ''
for piece in read_in_chunks(f):
    data += piece

result = mo.send_file('2.docx', data)

If the file is a plain txt file, there is no problem. But if the file is a, like jpg, doc, or others except txt, then it does work. It gives me the error:


Where is the problem?

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I think it is because by default omniORB wants to see ASCII data for strings. Try changing your IDL to this

interface SecretMessage
    typedef sequence<octet> OctetSequence;
    string send_file(in string file_name, in OctetSequence file_obj);

You can keep your Python client code the same because in the IDL to Python mapping, octet sequences map to Python strings.

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