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Currently the code in is like this:

performancetestsdir = $(prefix)/tests/@PACKAGE@/performance-test
performancetests_PROGRAMS = eventwindowperformancetest

I would like to make the program 'eventwindowperformancetest' in the name of 'oldeventwindowperformancetest' after building

What should I do? Thanks

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several possibilities:

  • change the name in the to the one you want (what's the point in building program as XY when you really want to have it as XX?)
  • use the "--program-transform-name" flag to configure to transform the name of your output program
  • add a post-build hook that renames your file for you. something like:
    all-local: oldeventwindowperformancetest
    oldeventwindowperformancetest: eventwindowperformancetest
            cp "$^" "$@"
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