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I have a tree like structure using Kendo UI tree view. Each node is displayed as a hyperlink and on clicking each one, a new kendotabstrip will be opened. My problem is if i select one node, the results are displayed fine in a new tab but if i close the newly opened tab and then select the same node then no new tab is opened since the node has already been selected. If i have to choose the same node, then I have to access another node and then come back to node.

I tried to deselect the selected item once the new tab is opened using the following snippet

var treeview=$(#grpTree).data("KendoTreeView");

var selNode=treeview.select();


But the node is not getting de selected. Is there any other way to do it or have I missed out anything. Please guide me.

Thanks in advance.

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I know this post is a bit dated, but as Telerik is continually upgrading its components, I thought I'd put this here so that people can be aware of this change moving forward.

You can deselect all selected nodes with the following syntax:

    var treeView = $("#treeView").data("kendoTreeView");

Source: Kendo UI Treeview Documentation for Select

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The key thing to note here is you're telling treeview to select an empty $() jQuery object –  darronz May 21 at 8:57

Yes this is by design. If you want to attach a click handler which will be triggered each time (no matter if the node is already selected). You can attach a delegate event like the following:

      var clickedNode = $(this);
      var treeViewClientObject = $(e.delegateTarget).data().kendoTreeView;
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