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Accessing dict keys like an attribute in Python?

Is there a way to implement this in python

foo = {'test_1': 1,'test_2': 2}
print foo.test_1
>>> 1

Maybe if I extend dict, but I do not know how to dynamically generate functions.

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Unless you really really have to - don't... just use foo['test_1'] –  Jon Clements Dec 11 '12 at 17:38

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How about:

class mydict(dict):
  def __getattr__(self, k):
    return self[k]

foo = mydict({'test_1': 1,'test_2': 2})
print foo.test_1

You might also want to override __setattr__().

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You can achieve a similar behavior using namedtuple. But the only drawback is, its immutable

>>> bar = namedtuple('test',foo.keys())(*foo.values())
>>> print bar.test_1
>>> print bar.test_2
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