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I have an IFrame on my page pointing to a page containing list of <li /> elements. The <li /> elements are Draggables created using Scriptaculous library.

The question is how do I drag the elements OUT of the IFrame, and drop them on the page containing the IFrame?

Is there any library available which supports cross frame dragging & dropping? I don't know about jQuery, but Scriptaculous definitely doesn't support this.

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Check this interesting implementation, it was done using PrototypeJS and Scriptaculous

I find this workaround interesting since it actually uses two iframes that contain LI items, and you can drag and drop between the iframes.

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Nice one. Will take a peek and see how the code's been done! –  Kirtan Sep 5 '09 at 7:34
Just for completeness sake, here's another demo from the same site that makes dragging (dropping not implemented however) out of an external site from within an iframe possible. –  Chris Feb 10 '11 at 2:06

That is not possible as far as I know. The way iframes are implemented in browsers that would be like dragging and dropping page elements from one window to another.

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I believe it is possible in HTML5, but it's not widely implemented yet, and it's only a draft. You can google for some information on it, or play around with a demo I found. You should be able to rewrite it to work with iframes.



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