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I am using PHPseclib to transfer a file from a local fileserver to a remote fileserver. I am able to connect to the server, have 0777 permission on the target file on my local fileserver, but $sftp->put is failing. Right now it return bool, but is there a way I can extract the actual error message or at least an error code?

I have tried $sftp->error, but that value is null. I am running PHP5.1 (can't upgrade to latest version b/c it is not actually my server).


Using $sftp->getSFTPErrors() return an array with sftp errors.

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You could try $ssh->getErrors(), which'll return an error. You could also do $ssh->getSFTPErrors().

Failing that the logs might provide some insight but let's see what the errors get you first.

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Thanks, neubert. $sftp->getSFTPErrors() worked beautifully. Incidentally, $ssh->getErrors() returns an empty array. –  Bad Programmer Dec 11 '12 at 19:16

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