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Hi i have this command on my View (_form.html.erb), when im editing the client shows the hours thats fine, but on the minutes shows the 60 minutes of the hour i need to only to show the 0 minute and 30 minute of the hour.

    <div class="field">
       <%= f.label "Hora inicio" %><br />
       <%= f.time_select :hora_inicio, {:ampm => true}%>
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You should really learn to look up the documentation It has it right in there as an example: time_select 'game', 'game_time', {:minute_step => 15} Just change 15 to 30 –  Magicmarkker Dec 11 '12 at 17:58

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You can pass :minute_step as an option to time_select().

f.time_select :hora_inicio, {:minute_step => 30, :ampm => true}

This will give you 0 and 30 minutes.

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