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I have a long MS Word doc that has many bookmarks/hyperlinks. The only purpose of the bookmarks is to be able to use the screen tips to view additional information about what is bookmarked.

Is there a way to access this screen tip text, and store it in a variable?

Eventually I will use this to create a macro that will change the displayed text to include the screen tip text (so the information can be printed, when necessary).

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Here's how to print-to-console all the Hyperlink ScreenTips in your document:

Sub printScreenTips()
    Dim link As Hyperlink
    For Each link In ThisDocument.Hyperlinks
        Debug.Print link.ScreenTip
End Sub

Note: I'm not aware of a way to add a ScreenTip to a bookmark, but you can add a ScreenTip to the hyperlink that points to a bookmark.

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