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My hope is that some can help me out I've spent the last few days searching Google for answers and not getting anywhere. I have a two part code fist pulls everything out of sub-folders and then the second part moves those files by type into other folders located else where. I can get the code to work in a test set up, but it wont on the files I'm trying to move. I think it has to do with the names of the files having spaces in them, but I am not sure. Here are the codes. thanks guys!

Part one

FOR /R C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test  %%i IN (*.*) DO MOVE %%i C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test

Second Part

set media=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test
set jpg=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata
set xml=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata

move %dlDir%*.avi %media%
move %dlDir%*/*.avi %meia%
move %dlDir%*.mp4 %media%
move %dlDir%*/*.mp4 %media%
move %dlDir%*.mkv %media%
move %dlDir%*/*.mkv %media%
move %dlDir%*.jpg %jpg%
move %dlDir%**.xml %xml%

Thanks again.

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While the move command is good and the method above works, it should be faster copying or moving many files using the following robocopy command with multi-thread support:

@echo off
set "source=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test"
set "media=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test"
set "jpg=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata"
set "xml=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata"
robocopy /s /mov /mt "%source%" "%media%" *.avi
robocopy /s /mov /mt "%source%" "%media%" *.mp4
robocopy /s /mov /mt "%source%" "%media%" *.mkv
robocopy /s /mov /mt "%source%" "%jpg%" *.jpg
robocopy /s /mov /mt "%source%" "%xml%" *.xml

Alternatively, it would also be faster to move the files only once:

@echo off
set "source=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test"
set "media=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test"
set "jpg=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata"
set "xml=C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Foder 2 Test\mediadata"

cd "%source%"
for /r "%~dp0" %%A in (*) do (
    if "%%~xA"==".avi" move "%%~A" "%media%\"
    if "%%~xA"==".mp4" move "%%~A" "%media%\"
    if "%%~xA"==".mkv" move "%%~A" "%media%\"
    if "%%~xA"==".jpg" move "%%~A" "%jpg%\"
    if "%%~xA"==".xml" move "%%~A" "%xml%\"
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You need to place quotes around files that might have spaces in the name, e.g.

move "%dlDir%*.avi" "%media%"


For the for portion, add


like this:

FOR /F "delims=" IN (dir /b /s "C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test")
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Awesome thank you that worked! –  Idea Bak Dec 11 '12 at 18:42
Still need help with the first part though. Still wont pull files with spaces in there names out of sub-folders. –  Idea Bak Dec 11 '12 at 18:47
@IdeaBak: Did you quote your variable DO MOVE "%%i"? –  Eric J. Dec 11 '12 at 19:01
yes i tried that –  Idea Bak Dec 11 '12 at 19:03
Does your Part 1 look like this: FOR /R "C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test" %%i IN (*.*) DO MOVE "%%i" "C:\Users\Laptop02\Desktop\Folder 1 Test" ? Anytime you are using a literal string containing spaces, the spaces need to be encapsulated by using surrounding quotations. –  David Ruhmann Dec 11 '12 at 19:24

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