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I have an autocomplete inside of a panelBar. When a panelBar is activated, I would like to set the focus to the autoComplete input. I have tried several ways to get this to work, but cannot find a way to do this.

The method is invoked and I can find the autocomplete. However, I am unable to set focus.

        //Kendo PanelBar
        function onPanelBarActivate(e) {
            var $autoComplete = $('input .txtProductText', e);

        var $panelBar = $('#panelbar').kendoPanelBar({ expandMode: "single",  expand: onPanelBarActivate }).data("kendoPanelBar");
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This returns empty jQuery object:

$('input .txtProductText', e);

First e is the event argument of the activate event. It cannot be used as the context of jQuery. You should use e.item instead. Second 'input .txtProductText' means 'child of an input whose class is txtProductText'. This is probably not what you need since 'input' elements can't really have children.

Try this instead:

$('.txtProductText', e.item);
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