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I'm trying to customize the view propose by the module "securesocial" with play 2

What I've already done is :

1/ Create a new plugin name SecureViewsPlugin that implements the TemplatesPlugin under "controllers/SecuresViewsPlugin.scala"

package controllers

import play.api.mvc.{RequestHeader, Request}
import play.api.templates.Html
import securesocial.controllers.Registration.RegistrationInfo
import securesocial.controllers.TemplatesPlugin
import securesocial.core.{SecuredRequest, SocialUser}
import play.api.data.Form
import securesocial.core.SecureSocial._
import securesocial.controllers.PasswordChange.ChangeInfo

class SecureViewsPlugin(application: App) extends TemplatesPlugin {

  override def getLoginPage[A](implicit request: Request[A], form: Form[(String, String)],
                               msg: Option[String] = None): Html =
    views.html.secure.login(form, msg)

  override def getSignUpPage[A](implicit request: Request[A], form: Form[RegistrationInfo], token: String): Html = {
    views.html.secure.Registration.signUp(form, token)


2/ I updated the file play.plugins with :


3/ I made a copy a the different view in the folder "views/secure"


Here is the begining of the error I always get

not found: type RequestHeader

In app/views/secure/login.scala.html at line 0.

->@(loginForm: Form[(String,String)], errorMsg: Option[String] = None)(implicit request: RequestHeader) 

[error] /Users/clementaubert/Desktop/demo/target/scala-2.9.1/src_managed/main/views/html/secure/login.template.scala:24: not found: type RequestHeader
[error] object login extends BaseScalaTemplate[play.api.templates.Html,Format[play.api.templates.Html]](play.api.templates.HtmlFormat) with play.api.templates.Template3[Form[scala.Tuple2[String, String]],Option[String],RequestHeader,play.api.templates.Html] {
[error]                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ^
[error] /Users/clementaubert/Desktop/demo/target/scala-2.9.1/src_managed/main/views/html/secure/login.template.scala:27: not found: type RequestHeader
[error]     def apply/*1.2*/(loginForm: Form[(String,String)], errorMsg: Option[String] = None)(implicit request: RequestHeader):play.api.templates.Html = {
[error]                                                                                                           ^
[error] /Users/clementaubert/Desktop/demo/app/controllers/SecureViewsPlugin.scala:18: type mismatch;
[error]  found   : play.api.data.Form[(String, String)]
[error]  required: play.data.Form[(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)]
[error]     views.html.secure.login(form, msg)

I tried to delete "(implicit request: RequestHeader)" but then I got this error

type mismatch; found : play.api.data.Form[(String, String)] required: play.data.Form[(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)]

I'm guessing I'm not doing it the right way.

I can't figure out why I'm getting these errors

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Abbas mentioned the first step to get your own templating working.

But for me it still didn't work out. This exception was thrown:

play.api.PlayException: Cannot load plugin [Plugin [controllers.MyTemplatePlugin] cannot been instantiated.]
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: controllers.MyTemplatePlugin.<init>(play.Application)

A fix for this problem was to adapt the constructor of the template class from

class MyTemplatePlugin(application: Application) extends TemplatesPlugin


class MyTemplatePlugin(application: play.Application) extends TemplatesPlugin

This fix was proposed by the securesocial maintainer jaliss on https://github.com/jaliss/securesocial/issues/99

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You have to do the following:

in all the Views/secure/...*.scala.html files:

Replace: RequestHeader with play.api.mvc.RequestHeader Form[String, String] or Form[String] with play.api.data.Form

for e.g. in startSignUp.scala.html file, change the original:

@(startForm:Form[String])(implicit request: RequestHeader)


@(startForm:play.api.data.Form[String])(implicit request: play.api.mvc.RequestHeader)

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