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I need to declare 3d array variable but can't.

int[][][]  ary = new int[5][2][];
ary[0,0] = new int[20];
ary[0,1] = new int[3];

Could you please help me!

Thanks in advance Hamid

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You may want to read this post (from Eric Lippert's Blog) very carefully. –  jpbochi Sep 5 '09 at 7:32

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int[,][] ary = new int[5,2][];

declares a 2D array of int[] objects and initializes it. Use

ary[0, 0] = new int[10];
ary[0, 0][0] = 42;

to access elements.

Note that in C#, multidimensional arrays are different from arrays of arrays. That is, int[][][] is a single dimensional array of single dimensional arrays of single dimensional arrays of integers while int[,,] is a three dimensional array of integers.

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