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Under VMWare Fusion, with Azure SDK 1.8 and the node additions, the hello-world instructions do not work for me. Has anybody discovered a fix?

Reproducing, more quickly

  1. Open a non-administrator Powershell
  2. New-AzureServiceProject
  3. Add-AzureNodeWebRole
  4. Azure-StartEmulator -Launch

The web browser opens (Chrome), and the response is always empty. I have seen this under both bridged and shared-connection networking, and also from the host machine. Logs (I think they're logs) in the compute emulator and in apphome/log.txt reveal nothing. Running node server.js directly, meanwhile, produces a working server.

I mention VMWare Fusion specifically because these steps work for me at the office, where I'm not running a virtual machine.

I'm a bit green on all things Windows, which I started using only for Azure tools. It may help me to know where to look.

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Is there somebody else out there who has had a different experience? – Andres Jaan Tack Dec 18 '12 at 0:23

I have the impression that the azure storage emulator uses some ports VMWave is using, but not pretty sure if this is your case.

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