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Using the Android NDK, I have a native method that returns a jobject -- except I forgot the return statement. Unfortunately, this compiled without a warning, and only gave me a segfault at 0xdeadd00d when I tried to run it.

While I've been working primarily in Java recently so the error message in my head is "missing return statement", I believe the gcc error message is "control reaches end of non-void function".

I'd like to turn that warning on, and turn it into an error. How do I do that? (Simply using -Wall -Werror isn't an option, due to the existing codebase I am compiling against.)

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After some time with the GCC manpage and several rebuilds, I've figured out that the commandline flag to add is -Werror=return-type. Append that to the LOCAL_CFLAGS in your Android.mk.

Also, to find out just what a given error type is called, you can turn on -Wall and check the compiler output; after the warning, it displays the relevant -W flag.

error: no return statement in function returning non-void [-Wreturn-type]

To turn that warning on individually, use the flag exactly as it appears in the brackets there. To turn it on as an error, insert "error=" immediately after the -W, as in -Werror=return-type.

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