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This works but only if the values are there when the form loads:

$('City').val() + ', ' +  
$('State').val() + ' ' + 

I tried a function like this to try to concatenate as the fields are populated but didn't work.

$('CSZ').blur(function() {
$('City').val() + ', ' +  
$('State').val() + ' ' + 

But didn't get any results. Any ideas?


OK this works. Is there any simpler way to write this?

function SetMainLine() {var csz = 
$(spec['V08_City']).val() + ', ' +  
$(spec['V09_State']).val() + ' ' + 

spec['V08_City'].onchange = SetMainLine;
spec['V09_State'].onchange = SetMainLine;
spec['V10_ZipCode'].onchange = SetMainLine;

The spec[''] is just calling a form field from a database. 
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The .blur function never actually assigns the new value:

var val = $('City').val() ...

as meder points out, you may be missing some selector syntax too.

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