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i am running an application that runs on several subdomains usergroupXYZ.onruby.de and also supports arbitrary domains as aliases. so you can access the domain via yourusergroup.onruby.de or via customdomain.de.

the app provides logins via twitter oauth and github oauth2.

the problem is, that i did not find a way to support github auth via custom domains. i always get redirect_uri_mismatch errors from github.

the twitter auth does not have a problem with redirecting to a different domain.

does anyone have a solution to this problem other than creating a github application token for each custom domain?

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You can override the callback URL but it must match the host name in the OAuth Application settings. This document gives a list of good and bad matches: http://developer.github.com/v3/oauth/#redirect-urls

Since different contexts are allowed, one solution would be to create different contexts on a base callback URL and then using the context information to redirect to the specific host. It would mean that you would be acting like a 'broker' and would need to pass some information to the target host.

If your callback URL is oauth.onruby.de, then oauth.onruby.de/cust1 and oauth.onruby.de/cust2 will be valid according to Github. You can then redirect /cust1 to cust1.de and /cust2 to cust2.de.

Please keep in mind that oauth.onruby.de would be acting as a gateway or broker and it would need to ensure that there are no security exposures.

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will check that out –  phoet Dec 13 '12 at 11:10

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