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I use google maps and html5 geolocation in my web app on JQuery Mobile. I want to get online tracking users. My algorithm (in works code many excess, so only principle here ):

      var options = {enableHighAccuracy:true, maximumAge:1};
      alert("Sorry, browser does not support geolocation!");

   function setLocation(locate) {
        /*  save locate to DB code here */  

        var newLatLng = new google.maps.LatLng(locate.coords.latitude, locate.coords.longitude);
        /*  get marker code here  */

It works, but I have some problems. When I move 60-100 km/h, user marker disappears from the map, but the map moves with me. When the speed is 20-50 km/h, the marker is on the map. I suppose the problem is that the marker has no time for visualizing, that’s how I explain the way my application is working. The coordinates change too fast, so the navigator.geolocation.watchPosition() provokes the callback function too often (although in the options maximumAge: 1, that means that the callback won’t happen more than once a milliseconds, will it?) I didn’t test the code on a laptop, but I sure that this problem is applicable only to mobile devices. I tested on HTC Mozart, HTC Radar (IE 9), iPhone 4S. How can I optimize the code for mobile devices? Maybe advice? I will be grateful for any help.

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Simple: Zoom out by a level or two and the marker should remain inside the map. ;-) –  Marcelo Dec 12 '12 at 16:04
Yeah, but my problems dont'go away. :-) Problem in redraw of marker. I changed option maximumAge, set value 100. I hope one second is enough for redraw. –  Alexandr Dec 12 '12 at 23:22

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