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Can someone suggest me a good webmatrix book/website/blogs that provide me with step by step sample for bussiness application.

This app sample should start from empty website? Or CRUD or Data Access sample

new to the webmatrix!!


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Mike's Dot Netting has some great articles, check out the archives, he has been blogging about using web matrix for about two years, some good stuff a little ways back.


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The last five chapters of Steve Lydford's book "Building ASP.NET Web Pages with Microsoft WebMatrix" explain the building of a realistic e-commerce application from the Empty Site template.

Nevertheless, you must take in consideration that this book was written before that the WebMatrix 2 release has shipped and thus doesn't mention its improvements.

Another important generic WebMatrix tutorial that introduces to its main functionalities is located at http://www.asp.net/web-pages/tutorials.

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Simple tutorial for combining webmatrix and mvc 4.


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Go through this article on MSDN magazine.


It starts of explaining the ASP.NET stack and the things supported by Webmatrix. This is followed by a tutorial in razor using WebMatrix.

It then walks you through serving this in IIS Express, and explains how to improve search relevance and deployment using WebMatrix.

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