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I have a phonegap project on iPhone and Android. The issue appears to be a race condition on the surface, but I don't understand how it happens. Users are able to click on a button which has a closure callback that sets a property of an object, and then clears the screen and loads the main menu. In code:

button.onclick = function (employee) {
    return function () {
        employee.task = "some task";

After the user is back on the main menu, they can click on a button that loads a screen which displays all the users. If an employee has that task property set, additionally formatting should be done to the button for that employee.

if (employee.task)
    // style the button being created for this employee

Somehow, if one clicks fast enough, the formatting is not done. If you click back (to the main menu), and reload the screen, the formatting is now done. Given the code above, I do not see how employee.task could possibly return undefined after the menu has been loaded. What's going on here?

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Can you recreate the problem in jsfiddle? It's hard to know what's up here with only the code shown. Also, use the JS debugger and console.log() to investigate and see what values things have at key points. What does employee look like right before if (employee.task)? –  Alex Wayne Dec 11 '12 at 22:34
I'm unable to recreate the problem on the phones I have. I was working with the end users earlier today and they were able to reproduce it several times. That's part of why this has been so difficult to debug. –  brodney Dec 12 '12 at 3:52

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