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I'm creating an MVVM style application for windows phone. With a regular button, you can bind anything that inherits from ICommand to the Command property on a xaml button, like so:

The command property does not seem to exist for buttons in the phones app bar ("shell:ApplicationBarIconButton"). Has anyone figured out how to bind their click event to a Command yet?

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It's not possible from the SDK directly, but the AppBarUtils library ( or ) works nicely.

The codeplex site has example code for different scenarios such as reusing or switching the app bar in a page.

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I don't understand where to add the code in the examples. Should I add it in my page, in the resource, in the application bar? I don't have a complete phone page. I tried everything... – Daniel Oct 24 '14 at 11:47

I didn't understand how to use the chosen solution so I went for another one. You just add the library via nuget. It's BindableApplicationBar

Then you just add the following instead of your normal application bar.

        <bindableApplicationBar:BindableApplicationBar >
                Command="{Binding RefreshCommand}" />

It's just a shame that intellisense doesn't reconize the tags. Otherwise, it works like a charm.

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