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I'm trying to retrieve the values of the latest 6 rows that are not blank. As you can see in the picture, I would get all values from 54 to 39, but if the two blank cells had numbers, then counting would stop at 45.


enter image description here

On an other tab I have an INDEX function that attempts to grab these numbers but only works for the first value found. This for example gives 54, the first value. =INDEX(Database!b5:b50,MATCH(TRUE,INDEX((Database!b5:b50<>0),0),0))

I would like to extend this and use it to call any nth value, preferably the top 6. So every time I update the dates and add new value, the top 6 cells auto update.

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You are almost there. Just add a +n to the last argument of the outer INDEX formula. For example, this gets the next item, 51:

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You simply are AWESOME! Thanks a lot Rachel. – andrewk Dec 11 '12 at 22:34

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